Friday, July 1, 2011

An Afternoon with Victoria Jackson and Sonja Schmidt

by Ann-Marie Murrell

For the past few months I had planned on interviewing Victoria Jackson for my upcoming book. For anyone who doesn’t know her, Victoria was a cast member for 6 seasons on Saturday Night Live, appeared 22 times on The Tonight Show, has been in countless TV shows and movies and is now one of THE most outspoken activists for the Tea Party.

Victoria gained even more attention when she released a song that seriously spoke to Conservatives throughout America: “There’s A Communist Living in the White House!”

I had her phone number and all I had to do was call—but for whatever reason, I kept putting it off. Despite the fact that I’ve lived and worked in Los Angeles most of my adult life—I’ve met Sean Connery, for goodness sakes!—I still tend to get a little star-struck. Especially when it’s someone I admire as much as I do Victoria.

Finally, however, I mustered up the courage and dialed. Within the first minute talking to her, I felt like I was talking to a long-lost friend. She said she was really busy getting ready for an upcoming trip to Washington (to film her new video blog, “Vickie Goes to Washington”) and that she was doing an interview with Sonja Schmidt for her new show, ‘the IN word’.