Wednesday, June 8, 2011

TONIGHT! 'the IN word' with Sonja Schmidt & The Token White Guy

LIVE! 11PM ET, 10PM CT & 8PM PT!

Hey folks! Tonight’s the night you’ve all been waiting for! The LIVE streaming of our very first show, “The In Word”. We hope you’ll join us for the fun…and tell about six hundred of your closest friends. 

MUSIC!  We'll also be featuring cool conservative artists...(and 'no' just because you're conservative don't make you good).  Tonight, NYC's only Urban conservative rocker....TOOTS SWEET!

While you’re watching don’t forget to log in to the chat room where you can say anything you want about the show. Except if you hate it, ‘cause then we’ll be forced to delete your butts! Actually you can chat about anything or you can ask us any questions you’d like us to answer on our next show!

So if you’ve been looking for a way to support conservative artists or just looking for a rocking lib-free entertainment webcast show you can watch in your underpants, check out “The IN Word” tonight -- 8pm PT & 11pm ET.

See you there!

Sonja Schmidt & Joe Dan Gorman

The video that sets the tone... "Freedom is Colorblind"

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